Triathlete love.

Whoever said  triathlon is a solitary sport got it all wrong.

Many of you already know that I hurt my achilles, so no running for at least 4 months. The good thing about it is that I can go to the gym, swim (with my dearest friend Mr. Pullboy) and probably in three weeks I am going to be able to grab my baby – my bike-

I know that I need to stay focused and motivated because I have a 70.3 to finish in 241 days – not that I’m keeping count-

1505479_10153862100185177_1443030721_n1656355_10153866195805177_233914320_nBut that is not what I wanted to write about.

Most of you probably have noticed that the triathlete community is the most amazing thing ever.  Since I started this wonderful sport 3 years ago I realized it had  something different from other sports. The minute you arrive into a race you can feel everyone’s good vibe, you can feel some kind of healthy energy.

Then the race starts, everyone starts cheering you up, even though they have no idea of who you are -specially if you’re wearing a swim cap and googles- If someone yells “on your left!” it’s always followed by “Looking strong, keep going!”

During my 70.3 last year, I was so nervous because one: it was my first half Ironman and two I was in Austin! -I’m from Monterrey, Mexico- I didn’t know anyone. But it didn’t matter I felt like home. Everyone was giving me advices, telling me not to worry, even though we were on the same age group. You know what they say “We have a lot in common -that’s what makes us such good friends. That and we’re on different age groups-”

Don’t get me started on the volunteers, I’m pretty sure those guys are the most amazing human beings in the entire planet.

Well my injury was not  exception, the minute I posted the picture on Instagram, I received everyone’s best wishes. I was so happy of feeling this triathlete love, people caring around the world, even though they don’t know me. I’m quite sure no other sport is like this.

You must love triathlon.

2013 GoPro Ironman World Championship - Kona Hawaii

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