Beware of Rosy

You may be wondering who “Rosy” is. Well she was born with one purpose in life, torture people… well torture people who doesn’t stretch properly after every workout.

Yesterday my boyfriend learned a lesson the tough way… stretching is just as important as exercise. He asked Rosy to help him recover from all the muscles contractures he had. The moment Rosy put her hands on him he started yelling like a 5 year old girl crying for ice cream -video footage @IG!!!!

You must know Rosy is some kind of wonder woman. He was the 6th person on the list, and she was strong as Leonidas from 300. She has another super power, she feeds from all the screaming. Remember the movie of Monsters Inc where the city runs on the fear of children? She definitely gets her strength in a similar fashion.

His contractures are the result of improper stretching over a series of intense sessions for Ironman Training. A very common mistake is not taking enough time to cool down and stretch after each training session and instead rush to work or continue with regular activities.

The contractures were so bad she started with a regular massage by hand, but then she had to reach for all the torture equipment available.

After an hour and a half of continous massaging -including electrotherapy and suction cups- the tissue was recovered.

Thanks Rosy for helping my boyfriend and for showing the importance of stretching after EVERY workout. She is very professional with several years of experience helping elite cyclist, triathletes, gymnasts, runners and even WWE wrestlers.

By the way he now checks under his bed every night to make sure Rosy is not there.

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