Bye Bye Mr. Boot!

IMG_0883So as many of you know I hurt the achilles tendon, I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and he told me that I needed to wear a big big boot – consider I’m very small, everything is huge to me haha- besides, I wasn’t able to run or ride, it’s like an ancient torture method I swear!


So a month and two weeks later -not that I was keeping count- the boot is gone!!

As I said before on my IG the name of this game was “patience and attitude” if I lost one of them, it was game over. I needed to be motivated, keeping my eyes on my goal … my second Ironman 70.3. So I started focusing on my core, doing yoga, gym -yes, I can totally pull the hardcore look hahaha- swimming with my dearest friend pull boy.


I did have some breakouts, about two weeks ago I wanted to run so bad, imagine my frustration I was training 2-3 hours/day and all of the sudden I’m not able to do what I love.

Good news is MR BOOT is GONE! I’m still not able to ride or run. But I can do elliptical and swim without pull boy, so I guess it’s good news.



T-201 for my second 70.3!


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