Motivation at its finest

20140410-045658-p.m..jpgSeriously, someone has my voodoo. Or maybe this is just a motivation test.

Most of you already know but on Tuesday the doctor removed Mr. Boot, so I went to the gym like the happiest person on earth. I did 8 minutes of elliptical – the doctor said I need to move my feet very gradually- then I started my gym routine, lets say that I have been in the gym for 10 minutes, when all if the sudden a gym equipment fell over my head, yes you’re reading correctly…

The equipment hit my head, I don’t know why but after that I jumped like 1 meter, I turned around and the equipment was on the floor. It took two guys to lift it up!

I felt a very bad headache, so my immediate reaction was to touch it, soo I saw blood hahaha they called the paramedics and called an ambulance, after all it is a head injury.

So, another week without training, I have 5 stitches in my head and a sprain in my neck, I’m wearing a collar. Obviously my first question was ‘when can I train again?’ Actually my first thought was ‘okay so I go to the hospital and then I can return to my yoga class’

It’s not like I have a 70.3 in 199 days hahaha I just need to stay focused, and in a week I’ll be as good as new… Fingers crossed, pretty pleeeeease?

20140410-045143 p.m..jpg

20140410-045658 p.m..jpg

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