7 Tips for Working Out in the Morning

redmorningsky copyIt’s 5:00 am and you hear that ringtone you already hate, you hit the snooze button and you promise yourself you’ll workout when you get out of work/school, but deep down you know it’s not gonna happen.

Working out in the morning is a love/hate relationship, but it’s truly amazing. I’ll admit getting out of bed in the dark -and sometimes- cold isn’t always the easiest and it took me months to transition from an evening workout to a morning one. But trust me, the feeling of accomplishment after, it’s priceless.

And to be honest, once you’re done you realize it’s not that hard and waking up early means you’re done with training and you are able to enjoy the rest of the day. Think about it: You won’t have to trudge to the gym after a long day of work, and you’re more likely to actually get it done if you do it before other options come up.

So I wanted to share 7 tips for working out in the morning:

  1. Baby Steps: If you’ve never exercised in the morning before, don’t sign up for 6AM personal training sessions five days in a row. Being able of working out in the morning is a process, it will take you a while to get used to it. So to start, schedule one morning workout per week, my recommendation is to choose a day when you have something planned for that night, this way you’ll know you can’t put your workout off. When you feel comfortable with one day, add one more until gradually your body will get used to it.
  2. Sleep in your gym gear: This gesture alone is a sign you’re committed to getting out of bed for exercise in the morning, and sometimes the extra 10 minutes it takes to get dressed is the difference between going to the gym or ditching it. Gym clothes are already comfortable so take advantage of it.
  3. Set your goal the night before: Before you go to bed, take a look at your training program and decide exactly what morning workout you will do. Instead of saying “I will train tomorrow” say “I’ll run 3 miles and strength session” Workout agendas maximize efficiency by eliminating wasted minutes spent debating which piece of cardio equipment use or which strength move to do next.
  4. Pack your gym bag before you go to bed if you plan on showering elsewhere: Do it for two reasons; the first one is to avoid wasting valuable time in the morning and the second one is to avoid forgetting something important like shampoo, towel, deodorant, etc.
  5. Do whatever’s necessary to wake up: I usually leave my iPhone across the room, this way, I need to get up to turn it off, and then immediately I turn the lights on. This is when I realize I’m not that tired and I’m ready to smash my workout.
  6. Set two alarms: The first lets you know you have 15 more minutes to sleep, and the second one your cue to leave.
  7. Get in bed early: This tip is essential, on weekdays I’m in bed no later than 10:30 p.m., so my 5:40 a.m. alarm doesn’t feel quite so brutal.

Just because I love morning workouts it doesn’t mean I jump right away out of bed at the sound of my alarm. Sometimes it is hard to head out for a run before the sun rises. I’ve skipped some early workouts, but I’m getting quite good at not skipping them too, thanks to the little strategy, and positive thinking I just shared with you

If you have any other tip, let me know on the comments 🙂

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