I’m not on a diet, I’m eating healthy

NOT AYesterday I was on a waiting room and I heard 3 people talking about how they were on a “diet” and how much they hated it. They were saying, and I quote “Everytime I start a diet, I follow it perfectly the first week, but I’m always starving and quit”

I have to confess it drives me crazy when I hear comments like this; for example if I pass on a piece of cake, or choose a salad over french fries as a side to my burger, people assume I must be on a diet. There’s a HUGE difference between eating healthy and dieting.

 So on today’s post, I’ll explain the difference between them. 

What’s a diet?

They consist of temporarily changing your eating habits to promote a certain outcome (commonly weight loss) before returning to your previous eating habits. Basically, temporary changes for temporary results. 

Diets commonly restrict our food and beverage intake so we can lose weight. Some diets restrict our carbohydrate intake, others restrict our caloric intake. Diets are usually highly regimented and tell you exactly what to eat and drink.

Eating Healthy

On the other hand, eating healthy consists of adopting healthy overall habits that promote long-term weight control and health. Basically, making better choices when it comes to the foods you eat, but eating everything in balance and moderation.  When you’re eating healthy you are encouraged to educate yourself about food so you can make healthy eating choices. If you want to know more about tips for eating healthy you can find them here.

After knowing the difference, you must know eating healthy becomes a LIFESTYLE, a long term commitment. So, I’ll share with you some tips to accomplish this long-term relationship:

  1. Short term goals: Suppose you’re drinking five beers a week and you want to get down to six a month. Reduce to three a week. You’ll see the benefits and feel more motivated to move toward your longer-term goal
  2. Allow a cheatmeal: If you’ve avoided sweets all week and you’ve been exercising, you can eat the cake you’ve craving all week.
  3. Promise to quit crash diets for good: As I said before, diets just don’t work — there are no quick fixes that will sustain a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Find a partner in crime: It’s possible to do it all on your own, but having a friend or partner who’s doing their best to lead a similar lifestyle makes everything easier.
  5. Pack your own lunch: When you bring your lunch to work, you know exactly what you’re getting.


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NOT AAyer estaba en una sala de espera y escuché a tres personas hablar de que estaban a “dieta” y lo mucho que lo odiaban. En sus propias palabras “Siempre que estoy a dieta, la sigo perfecto  la primer semana pero siempre me estoy muriendo de hambre y la rompo”


Tengo que confesar que me vuelve loca cuando escucho comentarios de este tipo; por ejemplo si rechazo una rebanada de pastel, o si elijo ensalada en lugar de papas fritas para mi hamburguesa, las personas asumen que debo de estar a dieta. Hay una diferencia enooooorme entre comer saludable y estar a dieta.

¿Qué es una dieta?

Consiste en cambios alimenticios -temporales- para alcanzar una meta (normalmente bajar de peso) Básicamente, cambios de alimentación temporales para resultados temporales.

Las dietas normalmente restringen nuestra ingesta alimenticia para que podamos perder peso. Algunas dietas restringen los carbohidratos, otras las calorías, etc. Las dietas normalmente son muy estrictas y te dicen exactamente qué tomar y comer.

Comer saludable

Por otro lado, comer saludable consiste en adoptar hábitos saludables que promueven resultados a largo plazo. Básicamente, tomar mejores decisiones de tus alimentos, conforme pasa el tiempo aprendes a comer *Si quieres saber más tips para comer saludable haz click aquí*

Comer saludable se convierte en un estilo de vida y es un compromiso a largo plazo.

Ya que sabes la diferencia entre estar a dieta y comer saludable te comparto tips para lograr este estilo de vida.

  1. Metas a corto plazo:  Supongamos que estabas tomando 5 cervezas a la semana y quieres reducirlo a seis al mes. Proponte una meta alcanzable, redúcelo a tres cervezas a la semana. Vas a ver la diferencia y estarás más motivado para alcanzar tu meta a largo plazo.
  2. Permite comidas trampa: Si toda la semana haz comido bien y haz entrenado, cómete una rebanada de pastel el fin de semana. Las comidas trampas son necesarias para tu cuerpo, ayudan a calmar la ansiedad. Todo está en el balance.
  3. Promete no estar a dieta nunca más: Las dietas (la de sol, uvas y no se cuántas más existen) no sirven, no hay un atajo para bajar de peso. Toma tiempo y esfuerzo.
  4. Encuentra a tu compañero ideal: Aunque es posible hacerlo tu solo, apoyarte de alguien más nunca está demás. Empiecen esta vida saludable juntos.
  5. Prepara tus comidas: Cuando preparas tus comidas y las llevas al trabajo o a la escuela sabes exactamente qué estás comiendo.

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WIAW #27: “I’m Not On A Diet, I’m Eating Healthy” + Giveaway Winner!

Happy Wednesday my friends!  I’m glad you enjoyed the walking workouts from yesterday’s Trainer Tuesday.  Let me know if you try them out and how you like them!

Today is another Wednesday which means it’s time for some more WIAW fun!  Head on over to Peas & Crayons if you’re interested in learning more of what WIAW is all about!  For the month of March we’ve been focusing on getting more GREEN in our diets.  My eats below are from yesterday, which I did just alright on getting in the greens – not the best, but it could’ve been worse. Winking smile

I wanted to address something today that I came across on Pinterest the other day:

Pinned Image


Can anyone else relate to this?  I definitely could.  It drives me BONKERS when someone says to me, “Oh, are you on a diet or something?” simply because I choose to pass on a piece of cake.  Or I choose a salad over french fries as a side to my burger, so I must be on a diet.  Or they say, “You’re eating chips?!  I thought you were on a diet.”  What?!?!  I am probably one of the biggest advocates of NOT dieting.  I hate diets.  I go nutzo when someone automatically assumes I’m on a “diet” because I choose to turn down a dessert or choose a healthier option.

Choosing to eat healthy versus dieting is entirely different.  Dieting is restricting yourself from certain foods and/or calories.  Eating healthy is making better choices when it comes to the foods you eat, but eating everything in balance and moderation.  Anyway, I’m done with my rant now, but you get the point.  Let’s proceed to take a look at how I chose to eat healthy yesterday, not diet!

3 thoughts on “I’m not on a diet, I’m eating healthy

  1. I like them all but the cheat meal… I’m a sweets addict, among other things… The more I stay away, the easier it is to stay away. When I do that once a week thing, I end up craving sweets like a fiend for three more days. Same way with soda.


  2. I hate saying “I’m on a diet” because it doesn’t sound serious at all, and I agree, it sounds so temporary. “Eating healthy” is better to say because psychologically you are setting a permanent goal for yourself!

    While I’m here, I may as well say that I’ve actually just started a food blog recently, just writing wee things about dining out in places in Glasgow. Things have been tough for me over the last few years but food is something that has always brought me comfort (not necessarily a good thing). Would love it if you were interested and wanted to have a look or give me a follow, it would mean a lot.


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