Motivation at its finest

20140410-045658-p.m..jpgSeriously, someone has my voodoo. Or maybe this is just a motivation test.

Most of you already know but on Tuesday the doctor removed Mr. Boot, so I went to the gym like the happiest person on earth. I did 8 minutes of elliptical – the doctor said I need to move my feet very gradually- then I started my gym routine, lets say that I have been in the gym for 10 minutes, when all if the sudden a gym equipment fell over my head, yes you’re reading correctly…

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Bye Bye Mr. Boot!

IMG_0883So as many of you know I hurt the achilles tendon, I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and he told me that I needed to wear a big big boot – consider I’m very small, everything is huge to me haha- besides, I wasn’t able to run or ride, it’s like an ancient torture method I swear!

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Triathlete love.

Whoever said  triathlon is a solitary sport got it all wrong.

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From crazy to craziness

This is how you make the best decisions.

My family and I decided to take a trip to Mcallen, Texas on 2013. We needed to buy some sports clothes… well it’s not like we needed to, they’re just never enough. So on our way back home, picture the mood: good music, telling past adventures, family, pure happiness. My brother all of the sudden said “We should do a half Ironman” you must know that my family isn’t characterized for being a normal one -as I said before I’ve been having this lifestyle since I was 5 – ¬†We all screamed YES WE SHOULD!! my brother took out his smartphone and began to search for the best option to do our first 70.3 Ironman.

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Understand my mind.

Here’s my story.

Since I was 5 I did all kind of sports: gymnastics, tae kwon do, swimming, basketball, tennis, cycling, triathlon and so on… Don’t get me wrong I loved each and every one of it, I am a black belt (so don’t mess with me hahaha).

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