Perfect workout for a busy schedule.

No excusesI’m about to read you mind, ready? At some point of the day you already thought and/or decided you’re not going to workout today because you don’t have enough time. I’m quite sure I got it right.

On today’s post I’ll share with you a secret workout to burn more fat, build strength and improve endurance FAST and best of all, in less than 30 minutes.


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8 tips to recover your fitness motivation

IF YOU'RE TIREDEver since my last race a month ago something strange happened – actually not that strange but I’ll get to it- I lost my motivation and didn’t have the rising energy anymore to train.

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I’m not on a diet, I’m eating healthy

NOT AYesterday I was on a waiting room and I heard 3 people talking about how they were on a “diet” and how much they hated it. They were saying, and I quote “Everytime I start a diet, I follow it perfectly the first week, but I’m always starving and quit”

I have to confess it drives me crazy when I hear comments like this; for example if I pass on a piece of cake, or choose a salad over french fries as a side to my burger, people assume I must be on a diet. There’s a HUGE difference between eating healthy and dieting.

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Protein, Carbs & Fat Explained.

macronutrients-vs-micronutrients-frank-mentier-gympaws-personal-trainer-nutritionOne common question is what to eat in order to be fit. But before you know what to eat, you need to understand the fundamentals of how your body utilizes different macronutrients.

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Heart Rate Zones Explained

hr If you want to achive your health and fitness goals, it’s really important to train at the right intensity.

You already know that your heart beats faster as the intensity of your workout increases and it determines which fuel source your body will use to generate energy. If you know in which heart rate zone you’re training, you can determine when you can push yourself harder or slow down a little.

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