Who am I?

Here’s my story.

Since I was 5 I did all kind of sports: gymnastics, tae kwon do, swimming, basketball, tennis, cycling, triathlon and so on… Don’t get me wrong I loved each and every one of it, I am a black belt (so don’t mess with me hahaha).


But my one true love was having a bike, getting mud all over me, feeling the wind in my face. Yes, I’m talking about mountain bike. This addiction started when I was 5 years old, I’m pretty sure I learned how to ride a bike before I learned how to walk. As I grew older, my addiction became stronger, at the age of 14 my dad forced me to enter to my first mountain bike race, yes he forced me, a day before I was crying like a spoiled 4 year old.

That was the best decision he could ever made, I got first place. But that wasn’t all, there was a coach in that race, he asked me to join the cycling team, two months later I went to my first track nationals. Also, at the age of 14 I became a mountain bike state champion.

Don't laugh at my really really old track bike hahaha
Don’t laugh at my really really old track bike hahaha

Everything that involves a bike, adrenaline and endorphins I’m in!

In the year of 2011 my boyfriend dragged me into triathlons. So, here I am, a 24 year old 70.3 Ironman Finisher x2. And training for my First Marathon.

You should know that my entire family is crazy -including my boyfriend- wanna know why? My mom did her first 70.3 at the age of 47 years old and her second one at 48 yo. My brother ran a marathon and did his first 70.3 at the age of 20, my dad just register to do his first Ironman at the age of 55. Last but not least, my boyfriend has done six 70.3 and one 140.6



I gotta say I’m loving every wonderful, horrible minute of this.

Captura de pantalla 2014-02-20 a la(s) 19.05.07





5 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey There, great Bio! Thanks for the Like on my Instagram with my Tri Bottles too! Seeing as you were the first to give me a Like on these (apart from my Wife, and she already took one), if you want I will Post one to you! Just let me know at rich@corehd.com.au, or on Instagram! Good luck with the Tri’s!


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